A fireplace hearth is needed for all Fireplaces unless specifically stated otherwise by the manufacturer. All open solid fuel fires that burn coal or logs need a fireplace hearth. The hearth must be more heat resistant than a conventional hearth. Conventional fireplace heaths are suitable for use with gas or electric Fireplaces without any customisation. However, due to the intense heat created by open fires, all hearths that will be used with solid fuel options will need to be cut into sections and rejoined. The back of the fireplace hearth needs to be filled with cement, to make it more heat resistant. The process of splitting the fireplace hearth into sections and filling it with cement is known as Slabbing.

What material can be used to make hearths for Solid Fuel Fireplaces?

1. Solid Fuel Hearths can be manufactured out of Marble, Limestone, Granite, slate, Stone or even tiles. 2. Marble can be used for open fires if it is slabbed. It is important to note that Micro Marble (artificial marble) is less resistant to heat than natural marble due to the resin content in Micro Marble. 3. Limestone is a sedimentary stone that is very prone to staining as it is porous, and for this reason is not recommended for use with solid fuel. 4. Stone hearths & Granite hearths are very heat resistant and for this reason are the most suitable to be used with open fire hearths 5. Slate is very a very popular material which is frequently used with solid fuel as it looks rustic, and traditional. Slate is also matt in appearance, and will look great in certain decor. However, slate is very prone to scratching, and should be looked after once installed.