Most fireplaces are only viewable from one direction. The typical fireplace comprises off fire surround (could be a marble fireplace or timber fireplace) and a back panel with a hearth. Conventional fireplaces also have a standard an inset electric or gas fire the fits into the opening within the back panel. Double sided fireplaces are very specialised, and can be viewed from both directions (please see image below). Essentially the main advantage of having a double sided fireplace is the benefit of being able to view the flame from both sides.

Double sided Electric Fireplaces

Double sided Electric Fireplaces have a special fire mechanism that is viewable on both sides. As Electric Fires do not need to be vented in any way, this makes them extremely practical to install as they can be fitted in any room in the house as they simply plug-in to a standard 13 amp socket. Decorative double sided electric fireplaces often don't have a heat source (fan heater), and are often designed for a visual effectively.

Double sided gas fireplaces

The main problem with installing a double sided gas fireplace is being able to vent the toxic fumes emitted by the inset gas fire. The majority of double sided gas fireplaces are designed with a flue less gas fire engine. Flue less Gas Fires work using a catalytic converter similar to a car, and in effect change toxic gases to safe alternatives. There are many stipulations concerning flue less Gas Fires, and your property may need to have an air brick removed or be of a certain size in order to be suitable for installation of a flue less gas fire.