Electric fireplace can cost between £1000- £2000 on average. However, you  can get a fantastic deal if you know what you are looking for. You should first began by picking your fire surround which can be manufactured from marble, timber, limestone or any other material. It is best to then have a look around for low-cost and affordable inset electric fire. The total package which comprises of a fire surround and inset electric fire is known as an electric fireplace. Often by purchasing both item separately, altogether from an online specialist you will be able to grab yourself an incredible bargain. High Street showrooms charge remarkable markups for electric Fireplaces were just simply a combination of a fire surround an inset electric fire. Almost all electric fireplace Packages can be installed against a flat wall as there is ample recess depth within the fire surround. It is also important to note that Electric Fires can be simply plugged into a standard 13 amp socket and do not require to be vented out like a gas fireplace would. Most homeowners would be suitably suited to install their own electric fireplace as there is no legal stipulation that need to be followed.