Electric Fireplaces have extensively taken over the U.K market, and it is hard to imagine the fireplace industry without electric fires. With the development of a realistic flame picture electric Fireplaces offer substantial advantages over gas fireplaces: 1. Electric Fireplaces have the option to be able to use the flame effect independent of the heat source. This means you can have the warm glowing flickering flame pattern without the need to have the heater on. 2. Electric Fireplaces can be plugged into a standard 13 amp socket and does not need any specialist installation to work. Gas fireplaces on the other hand need to be installed by a gas safe engineer by law. 3. Electric fires are non toxic, as they do not emit any harmful toxic vapour. Gas fireplaces on the other hand need to be carefully installed as they emit harmful vapour that needs to be carefully channelled out of the home. 4. Electric fireplaces are arguable easier to maintain as they do not need an annual service unlike gas fires. Some electric fires may however need to be serviced constantly as they are installed in rented accommodation, and need to be checked along with all other electric applications.