Enhancing the appearance of a home can be done in a number of ways today. This is because homeowners are faced with a range of choices for home accessories. Fireplaces are one of the best options for creating a warm and welcoming home. However, the idea of tearing a part of the house down to install a fireplace may not appeal to everyone. Why electric Fireplaces are perfect additions Fortunately, this is something that can be avoided, thanks to the introduction of new Electric Fireplaces. These fireplaces can produce the same level and quality of heat as traditional fireplaces. However, they do not produce soot or debris that has to be cleaned up from time to time. Being as this factor appeals to many homeowners, an electric fireplace is an ideal addition to a home. How Electric Fireplaces work Most electric fireplaces operate off the electricity in the home. The logs in the fireplace appear to glow and there are also some units which produce the crackling sound that can be heard from natural fireplaces. Like regular fireplaces, electric versions can also have decorative surrounds that can make the room look more attractive. An ideal feature of fireplace designs available today is that they do not necessarily have to be built into walls. There are a few freestanding fireplace designs which homeowners can choose from which can also bring beauty and warmth to the home.