In today's market Electric Fireplaces are increasingly popular when compared to alternatives such as gas fireplaces and Solid Fuel Fireplaces. The advancement of Electric Fireplaces has dramatically improved the flame effect and realism of these Fires. On top of these benefits electric fireplaces do not require chimney, and can simply be plugged into a standard 13 amp socket. This means that the majority of homeowners can install electric fireplaces by themselves, saving both time and money as they do not have to hire any specialist trades to install the fire surround. It is possible to have a fire surround manufactured with a large enough fireplace rebate (internal void within the fireplace to recess the fire) that can accommodate the full depth of and electric inset fire. This means that you can install and electric fireplace against a flat wall with absolutely no void recess whatsoever. With realistic flame effects, easy and low cost installation. It is not surprising why electric fireplaces are becoming increasingly popular. One of the main shifts towards electric fireplaces (over gas fireplaces and I'll alternatives) is the ability to be able to use the flame effect independent of the heat. This means that you can a wonderful glow from without having to heater on.