People have started to use electric Fireplaces instead of traditional Fireplaces because they are portable and easy to maintain. Electric Fireplaces are also really efficient and only need to be plugged in to work. Before you buy an electric fireplace, you must realise the importance of buying the right fireplace for your home. An electric fireplace will add to the décor of your house and will also become an eye catching attribute. So here are a few benefits of Electric Fireplaces Safer than traditional fireplaces - Electric fireplaces are better than most traditional fireplaces as they encompass enhanced safety options. The electric operation makes use of a thermostat which reduces the chance of fire. Easy to maintain - Electric fireplaces are also easy to maintain. All you have to ensure is that their electrical components are in good condition and any bulbs are replaced if they blow. You can install them almost anywhere - You can install electric fireplaces in places such as offices, homes, hotels and restaurants. Most electric fireplaces can be switched on by simply plugging them into a power source. Hence using an electric fireplace can prove really be beneficial for your home.