People are always fascinated by elements that add a touch of class and elegance to the décor of their home. The attractiveness of stone has attracted people for centuries. People often use stone in different interior decoration. A stone fireplace is one such example that greatly helps to increase the visual impact of any room. Stone Fireplaces are beautiful to look at. They can be installed in practically any room. You can install a stone fireplace in your living room, master suite or in your breakfast nook. Limestone, granite and marble are among the most widely used types of stone for Fireplaces. Stone fireplaces come in different textures, colours, sizes and shapes. With an extensive range of options available to choose from, you can find one that can perfectly blend with any type of home. Striking designs carved on the arches and columns form a crucial part of stone fireplaces and enhance the overall ambience of your room. With a huge collection of stone fireplaces to select from, buyers can go with one depending on the height, size and design that complements the décor of their home. However, the cost of different fireplaces will vary depending on the size and type of stone.