If you want to make your home more comfortable during winter then make sure that you install a fireplace. Fireplaces offer you warmth when the wind blows and snow falls outside. Nowadays, you will see that electric Fireplaces are gaining popularity amongst homeowners and designers. This is because the latest Electric Fireplaces not only offer warmth but they also add beauty to the décor of your home. By installing Electric Fireplaces, homeowners can enjoy the glow of fire which is energy efficient and safer than other fireplaces. How electric fireplaces work These electric fireplaces make use of a fan heater which helps in spreading warmth in the room. These fan heaters run with the help of electricity which heats the large metal coils that are situated in the electric fireplaces. Once the coil is heated, the fan is used to direct the heat into the room. One of the best things about these fan heaters is that they are energy efficient. Moreover, they also do not make any noise while functioning. The mechanism used in electric fireplaces helps in heating the room quickly. Reasons to install electric fireplaces In comparison to other fireplaces, electric fireplaces produce the same amount of heat without any smoke or ash. Once an electric fireplace is installed then you do not have to worry about the chimney or ventilation system. Nowadays, you can also buy portable electric fireplaces which do not need any kind of installation. Electric fireplaces also come in different designs and colours, so you can choose one that goes well with the décor of your home.