Conventionally many homeowners with purchase beige cream Marble Fireplaces, which are a neutral colour and will suit almost all decor schemes. However, it is quite contemporary and fashionable to have a Black Marble or Black Granite Fireplace. These darker Fireplaces can be manufactured in a variety of designs to suit your individual tastes. Black Marble Fireplaces (as they are frequently referred to) are actually frequently manufactured in Black Granite rather than marble. It is possible to have Black Marble, however it has a light background colour with subtle white veins running through it, whereas most people are describing a material that has a rich consistent homogeneous black background colour (which is Black Granite). It is important to note that black granite is much harder than marble, and also more expensive materials as it is frequently used the kitchen worktops the world over. For this reason black granite Fireplaces are almost 3 times the price of conventional marble fireplaces. There are also limitations on this sort of designs and can be manufactured out of black granite fireplaces as the more difficult carved and the material is generally more difficult to work with when compared with marble. Typically black granite fireplaces are manufactured in simple linear lines that can be cut and polished standard machinery. It is unusual to have background fireplaces with corbels or any substantial profiling that will be found on marble fireplaces.

Suitability of Black Granite Fireplaces

Although Black Granite is much harder material that marble, it is still not 100% suitable for use with solid fuel (burning wood or coal). If you will be using your black granite fireplace with solid fuel, then you will need to have the hearth and back panel slabbed. Slabbing is a process of cutting back panel and hearth into sections and rejoining it in order to increase its resistance to heat. The back of the back panel and hearth is also often filled cement (again to increase its tolerance to heat).