Fireplaces are seldom purchases that are made once and meant to last a lifetime. Like the majority of technical appliances there is lots of jargon, and lots of choice. We will outline the main considerations and detailed useful advice you should consider prior to our chasing a fireplace. 1) There are essentially three types of Fireplaces which can be best split by the fuel source used. Solid fuel fireplaces are designed to burn coal and logs. Gas Fireplaces are designed to use natural gas that can either be piped direct to the home (majority of homes), or alternatively gas that is contained within an L.P.G cylinder. Electric fireplaces are designed to create the illusion of fire by simply using a series of bulbs. Electric fireplaces have come along way from their predecessors and are incredibly realistic. It is important to firstly select the type of fireplace you are interested in. 2) the next step is to consider a total budget for the fireplace and secondly a budget for installation. It is important to consider the installation cost as this will be the total cost associated with the project. Gas Fireplaces cost approximately £200 to install. Electric fireplaces cost on average £150 to install by a professional, however it is very simple to install an electric fireplace,and and many home owners often install these themselves. Solid fuel fireplaces are quite complex, and like gas fireplaces need to be installed by an experienced tradesman. Solid fuel fireplaces are the most expensive to install. 3) to make sure you pay the right price, we have listed some indicative prices below: (a)Marble fireplaces cost on average £375 to £425 from our site, however retail for £800 to £1200 in most showrooms that we supply. (b)Solid fuel fireplaces cost on average £600 for a cast iron surround and hearth. (c)Electric fireplaces packages and gas fireplaces packages cost on average £500 from our site with a fire and marble fireplace surround. These packages would normally retail for over £1100 in showrooms.