With so much choice in the market is easy to become overwhelmed with the options and permutations that are available with modern-day Fireplaces. Most fire surrounds and inset fires have several colour options as well as different heat outputs and control options. Specialist retailers have a vast amount of experience and can guide you through picking the best product for your home and individual requirements. There are a few basic guidelines that you should follow when deciding to purchase the new fireplace.

Safety and security of Fireplaces

1. All fire surrounds should be heat resistant if they will be in direct contact with the heat source. We would recommend using a marble back panel rather than MDF panel for this very reason. 2. All gas appliances should be certified to UK and EU quality standards and be suitable for the installation. 3. It is important to always have a gas fireplace installed by the gas safe registered engineer, as this is a legal requirement. www.gassaferegister.co.uk 4. If the fireplace will be use with solid fuel (burning wood or coal) then the fireplace hearth should be slabbed (cut into sections and rejoined, then filled with cement) in order to make it heat resistant. All Solid Fuel Fireplaces should be installed by a HECAS registered installer www.hecas.co.uk 5. Flue less Gas Fires can be installed in homes without a chimney or flue, however it is important to always follow the manufacturer specifications (and have the fireplace installed by gas safe engineer). 6. We would strongly recommend that you purchase a fire from a reputable manufacturer or firm, as quality differences can be quite drastic and difficult to spot to the average homeowner.