Essentially Fireplace down lights can totally transform the look of a fire surround if fitted correctly. Fireplace down lights are fitted underneath the header of the fireplace and cannot be seen when sitting down.  Many different types of lights can be used, including tube lights, LED or Halogen. The most common fireplace down lights are halogen as they are heat resistant (depending on the model) and can easily be replaced if needed. As standard you will usually not be supplied with Energy saving Halogen lights, however you can replace the bulb to a more energy efficient one at a later stage.

Good Quality Fireplace down lights- what should I look out for?

Switch: Essentially the most important thing to consider is if the lights have a hidden recessed switch. This adds essential convenience to the entire fire surround, as the main power can be switched on can be simply turned from a socket at the side of the fireplace and the lights controlled from the recessed switch. It is possible to have remote controlled lights or even motion activated lights, but these are very expensive and in many cases not worth the money Are the lights certified? From a specialist retailer such as ourselves, all the lights used in the fireplace will be certified by an electrical supplier and are compatible with use for either a gas fireplace or electric fireplace Are the holes for the lights diamond drilled? One of the most important aspects of marble Fireplaces is the quality. The only way you can achieve real quality with fireplace down lights is by drilling all the required holes with CNC or diamond tipped tools.