The fireplace Hearth is the bottom horizontal section of the fireplace. A fireplace hearth is bedded on the floor of fireplace, and comprises of a flat piece of marble or granite with a small strip called a riser to create the illusion of depth. The most popular edge profile on a fireplace hearth is “boxed and lipped”. This involves overhanging the horizontal section beyond the riser (vertical section of the hearth). This is by far the most simple hearth to manufacture as no precision is needed during the manufacturing process and is often the most cost effective hearth profile available. A boxed and lipped hearth is the industry standard and is often supplied with all Fireplaces. As boxed and lipped hearths are so popular it has become what people are used to and creates a familiar feeling to a contemporary or traditional fireplace alike. As company we can also make various shapes of hearths. These include Ogee edge profile, Bullnose edge profile, bowed, cropped corners, rounded corners and a variety of specialised shaped hearths. Box flush fireplace hearths are also very popular, this is achieved by not having an overhang on a fireplace hearth, and creating the illusion of a solid chunky hearth. Minimalist designs are popular in today’s fireplace market, and for that reason most hearts are a simple series of straight lines. Just a few years ago, our best selling hearths were often two shades and customers preferred more shaped designs. A duel colour hearth was achieved by having the horizontal portion and vertical riser different colours. This was particularly common when Fireplaces were supplied with a black back panel and the riser would also be made in black to create a focal point. Bowed and waterfall hearths were equally popular, and involved extensive shaping on CNC marble machines prior to assembly. As a company we can still manufacture shaped hearths and I personally feel the style suits many traditional fireplace surrounds and homes alike. We specialise in the manufacture of bespoke made to measure hearths. This is often needed if you would like to change your fireplace and retain your current carpet which has been cut around the existing hearth. We would always advise customers to measure the carpet cut our size they are trying to cover and give us that measurement. Once we have this information, we will insure that the new hearth is made the same size or slightly larger than needed to insure the cut out is covered. As a UK manufacturer we are able to offer affordable prices for all non standard bespoke requirements.