fireplace with lights are extremely popular, and it is very clear why when you see how stunning they look when turned on. Lights can create a real focal point and transform an average looking fireplace to a grand masterpiece. We specialise in the manufacture of marble fireplace surrounds, and the instructions below are predominantly aimed at marble, however the concepts can be applied to any type of fire surround.

How to install lights in marble fireplace surround

1. You will need to recess the header the full depth of the lights 2. The header till need an adjacent shelf built that can accommodate the lights 3. A CNC machine is needed to accurately drill two circular holes in the middle of the hidden shelf and an additional hole is needed to allow for a switch. 4. Install the hidden shelf 5. Two additional side returns are also needed on either side. 6. Wire up the entire circuit and connect to a standard plug If done correctly, you can now keep the socket turned on and then switch the lights on and off from the recessed hidden switch under the header.