If you think about winter, one of the first things that pops into your head is the fireplace. It always feels great to sit beside a fireplace which gives you warmth and makes you comfortable. There are many types of Fireplaces that are available for your comfort. Electric Fireplaces Electric Fireplaces are fast becoming popular these days. The market has an abundance of electric Fireplaces that have excellent designs. They come in different sizes and styles and one of the best benefits is that they can be placed in any room of any size. Even though it would be great to get a gas or wood burning fireplace, sometimes circumstances do not allow it. Electric fireplaces are the best solutions in such scenarios as they give an equally stylish look to your room. Gas fireplaces Gas fireplaces are the right choice for those who find it troublesome to clean fireplaces. They offer warmth and comfort just the same, but the best part is that they do not leave any residue afterwards. They come in various designs and are comparatively cheap. Stone fireplaces Stone fireplaces are usually made up sandstone, slate, limestone, etc. Picking one from the many designs depends on the décor of your room. Nowadays, people often prefer modern fireplaces like electric or gas which are easy to use and maintain. When looking to purchase a new fireplace, make sure of your needs and décor requirements.