Gas Fires have become increasingly popular due to the extensive availability of piped gas to almost every home. Gas fireplaces offer a distinctive virtually hassle free alternative to Solid fuel. Gas Fires have a lovely living flame effect (open flames not covered by glass) that creates a lovely atmosphere and area the ultimate focal point in any living room.

What output gas fireplace should I get?

For a modest sized room a regular gas fire with a 3kw output should be ample. For larger rooms a 4kw fire should be sufficient. Fires above 4kw often need a class 1 brick chimney, and need a substantial room size.

Should I purchase a High Efficiency gas fire?

Essentially if the fire is going to be used purely for decorative purposes and occasionally turned on then it is not advisable to spend the extra money on a High Efficiency fire. High efficiency fires often are over £400, where as regular (60% efficient) gas fires start at £150. If the fire will be used occasionally then you will not see the return on purchasing a high efficiency fire. All high efficiency fires also need a glass screen in front of the flame effect to work. This means the flame effect is not as realistic, and often deters from the whole appeal of having a gas fireplace as opposed to an electric fireplace.

How much should I expect to pay?

You can source a high quality marble fireplace from us with a as fire for as little as £475 including VAT and delivery. Similar timber gas fireplace packages often retail for similar amounts or £50 cheaper at best online (£425) for something decent and high quality.