A Gas fireplace is simply a Fire Surrounds with a gas insert or gas fire. Gas Fireplaces can be installed into any standard chimney or flue (Class 1, Class 2 or pre-cast). A Gas Fireplaces are arguably much safer and less hassle as compared to a wood burning stove. Gas Fireplaces are often supplied or manufactured with glass fronts which make them High Efficiency (up to 90% efficient). A large percentage of gas inserts are 3kw in output, and 60% efficient. For larger rooms, some models can have outputs as high as 5kw. On average, higher and efficient Fires are more expensive. The majority of modern Gas fireplaces have two venting systems, designed to draw in combustion air and the second is used to exhaust air through the chimney. It is a mandatory legal requirement to have a gas fire installed by a Gas Safe engineer.