There are a lot of fireplace add-ons that have come on the market. Present-day Fireplaces additions are constructed from materials like brass, stainless steel, wrought iron, etc. These decorative articles help to give a good look to your fireplace. Apart from adding to the decor of your room, some also enhance the functionality of your fireplace and ensure easy operation. Some fireplace Accessories: Fireplace front These are primarily used for beautifying your interiors. They add a brilliant look to your home and are made from different materials like iron, copper, etc. Fireplace screen These screens are very good and most people with Fireplaces use them. They blend with the decor and add to the lustre of the fireplace and your room in a very elegant manner Fireguard A fireguard is a cover used as a barricade for sparks that emerge from the fireplace. They come in various shapes and designs. These are few of fireplace Accessories that can be used. Take a look online to see what’s on offer and what might suit your fireplace and your home.