Limestone is a beautiful elegant natural material which is quarried and often used to manufacture fire surrounds. Each piece of limestone is unique and natural and has its own spontaneous shading, veining and fossil deposits. Limestone is a sedimentary stone and depending on the place of origin can be over 50 million years old. Limestone tends to have a light cream background colour with subtle veining running through the material. One of the most popular sources of natural limestone is Portugal. Depending on the Limestone quarry, the material tends to be very clean / crisp, and is full of unique character.

Limestone in Marble Fireplaces compared to wooden fire surrounds

As Marble Fireplaces and limestone Fireplaces are natural materials, they will last for generations to come, and will not deteriorate in time like wooden Fireplaces. It can be argued that both limestone and marble fireplaces will actually increase in value with time and not depreciate. As a direct manufacturer of marble fireplaces, Limestone fireplaces and stone fireplaces, creative lifestyle is able to customise the entire range that you see on our website. Our customers have the flexibility of being able to pick a fireplace design & select the dimension, as well as stone that most suits your home decor.

What to look out for when purchasing in marble and limestone fireplace:

1. Always make sure that the price you pay includes delivery, as many websites will hide the overall price in hidden delivery charges. 2. If you purchasing the product without seeing it in person, that is always a good idea to request marble samples (or limestone samples) prior to placing an order. This is the only way that you can guarantee that the colour you see on screen is a true representation of what you are about to receive. 3. If you'll be purchasing your fire surround online, but it is important to always make sure that the website clearly states its company registration number as well as VAT registration number. It is also advisable to only purchase from websites that have a phone number clearly identified on the site, as well as a valid SSL security certificate.