Gas Fireplaces can prove to be a useful addition to your home. However, it is essential that you consider certain points when installing a gas fireplace. Here are some key points that should be kept in mind: Efficiency ratings Consumers should consider the energy efficiency factor when installing a gas fireplace. Keep in mind that a higher rating translates to higher efficiency. Type of fireplace Gas Fireplaces are available in different types. The decision of selecting a particular fireplace should be decided on the basis of space in your home. Following are some of the available options: • Inserts • Vent-free Fireplaces • Direct vent Fireplaces Each type offers a distinct benefit and consumers should purchase a fireplace on the basis of their requirements and needs. Use and maintenance Most of the modern models are provided with automatic controls. Therefore, consumers can operate the gas fireplaces with a Remote Control. You can control the heat with the help of this system. Therefore, it is imperative that you consider this feature before purchasing a gas fireplace. Style and Room Décor Gas fireplaces are available in wide variety of designs. Thus, you should ensure that the fireplace model suits your home décor aptly. Consider these useful guidelines and invest in gas fireplaces accordingly.