With so much choice available online it is difficult to decipher the good companies from less able firms. The internet often makes small one man bands or showrooms seem like large huge corporate identities. We have outlined a few key points you should consider when deciding who to purchase your fireplace from online. 1. Make sure the website clearly has stated its company registration number 2. Look and check to make sure the website is VAT registered 3. Read descriptions carefully as many websites use words such as “marble effect” rather than “marble fireplace” which mean totally different things 4. Testimonials on websites are not worth the space dedicated to them as the majority of websites will unfortunately fabricate large elaborate stories from happy customers. However, feedback from websites such as Ebay can be trusted and they are 100% genuine and user generated. 5. Always make sure you know where the goods are manufactured. Fireplaces are often imported from low cost countries such as China, and are sold for low prices online. The main problem comes about when you need spare parts or any type of after sales help. Importers or third party showrooms selling for a discount are not able to offer any help as they simply don’t have the resources to put something right when things go wrong. Creative lifestyle is different, as we are able to manufacture all our Fireplaces to our customers own specifications and hence able to offer unmatched after sales service. 6. Photographs on websites are often edited, and videos are more accurate representations of what they fireplace truly looks like. If a firm is genuine then they will also have a showroom where you can view the products 7. Always buy from a website that has a clearly advertised phone number 8. Cash on delivery as a payment method is actually counterproductive as you are not insured by your credit card company. You will have the advantage of being able to see the fireplace in person before you pay, however it is very difficult to examine fireplaces when they are delivered as they have extensive packaging. By paying cash on delivery you do not have any insurance if you notice a defect whilst installing the fireplace.