A fireplace adds a touch of glamour to any home. Fires look warm and inviting, they are a point of gathering and a central focal point in any living room. The choice of fireplace style is quite personal, however there are several initial considerations that can be addressed prior to making any decisions:

What size fireplace will work best?

Conventionally a fire surround is usually positioned in the centre of the chimney and people usually try fill up the chimney breast leaving a two inch space on each side. Hence if you have a 59 inch chimney breast, perhaps a 54 inch fire surround with a 2.5 inch space on either side would work best. If you are installing a fire surround against a flat wall then you have a blank canvas and can be as creative as you like. However if the room is a modest size then perhaps a 48 inch fire surround or a 42 inch fire surround would work best. Creative Lifestyle, offers its entire marble fire surround range in a choice of sizes. Hence each design is available in a choice of sizes for the same low affordable price.

Does the property have a chimney?

If you have a class 1, class 2 or precast chimney you can accommodate most conventional Gas Fires. However if you are installing a fireplace against a flat wall then you will be limited in the types of fire surrounds you can have. Flue-less Gas fireplaces and balanced flue gas fireplaces can be installed against a flat wall. Electric Fireplaces can be installed against a flat wall and plug into a standard 13 amp socket.

Are you looking for a Traditional or contemporary fireplace?

Nowadays fireplaces can be traditional, contemporary or classical depending on your preference. You have a choice of materials including Marble Fireplaces, timber fireplaces, stone fireplaces and limestone fireplace.

Budget constraints

Marble Fireplaces used to cost a fortune, however firms such as Creative Lifestyle are able to offer a full package surround for as little as £325 including delivery, which is cheaper than timber surround alternatives.