Marble Fireplaces are a beautiful addition to your home and can bring a sense of luxury and warmth to your room. The beauty of marble gives it an amazing decorative element which has made it a good choice for Fireplaces. Traditional Fireplaces can be stained easily, they are porous and hard to maintain but Marble Fireplaces do not have these drawbacks. You can seal a porous cut stone and also clean the stains off a marble fireplace. Here are a few tips to clean marble fireplaces: You will require a cleaning rag, hot water, mild soap, a sponge, marble cleaner and a marble sealer. How to clean a fresh stain - If the stain is fresh, blot it with a liquid and clean it with a floor rag. If the stain on your marble fireplace is a dry one, dust the surface of your marble fireplace with a dry rag. Do this until your marble fireplace is free from any debris. For a tougher stain – Use a combination of mild soap powder along with warm water. Next, soak the sponge in warm water and squeeze the excess water out of the sponge. Carefully wipe the stain but do not scrub it. After you have wiped it three or four times, blot it dry with a clean cloth and examine your marble fireplace to see if the stain is still present. If you need to you can use a marble cleaner and sealer to restore the natural finish of the fireplace. Use these tips to keep your marble fireplace looking great.