Marble Fireplaces cost in excess of a thousand pounds in many high street showrooms, however are available from as little as 325 pounds from Creative Fireplaces. Why do Marble Fireplaces cost more in high street showrooms? Marble Fireplaces cost nearly 70% more from high street showrooms when compared to our online prices for many reasons: 1. Highs street showrooms have to purchase from Factories such as ourselves and add a mark up. Hence cutting out the middle man makes substantial cost savings 2. Although we have our own retail premises and a large 3000 sq feet showroom in Nottingham shire, other showrooms typically have a higher cost structure and hence have  to charge a premium to cover their costs. As Creative Fireplaces is a direct factory, we are able to lower showroom costs by displaying all our fireplaces in part of our premises. 3. Showrooms need specialist staff that lead to higher costs. By purchasing online you are not having to pay for sales representatives to help you through the purchase procedure and hence making substantial cost savings.