Electric fireplaces are increasingly popular in modern living. They are simple to install and maintenance free. Almost all electric Fires have the luxury of being able to use the flame effect independent of the heat source. This means the electric fire can be used to create an ambient light that looks like a real fire without giving off any heat if needed.

Costs involved with using an electric fireplace

1. The majority of homes will not want to use an electric fireplace or a gas fireplace as a source of primary heat. Almost all homes have central heating systems that are very efficient and effective at heating homes. The primary purpose of a fireplace is simply to create a focal point. Many Electric Fireplaces use low energy or LED bulbs to create the flame effect, and cost anywhere between 5p-10p per hour to run (depending on your energy provider). Even if the electric fireplace is supplied with regular bulbs, you can in most cases swap the bulbs for low energy saving bulbs are  the fittings accept regular bulbs which are all available in low energy equivalents. 2. The heaters on electric fireplaces are conventional fan heaters and are not very efficient if used for very long periods of time constantly. Essentially an electric fireplace is a cleaver flame illusion with a fan heater built in, and the energy consumption can be gauged against considering the energy cost involved with using a similar electric fan heater for long periods of time. As mentioned previously, Electric Fireplaces are intended to create ambiance and set the mood, and not as a primary source of heat.