If you decided to purchase a new fireplace perhaps the most important decision you will make is how you will have the fireplace installed. Fireplace installation varies in price depending on the level of work involved and the area you live in. For most homeowners the average gas fireplace can be installed for as little as £200 from most Gas-Safe-Registered installers. A comprehensive list of all Gas Safe Installers is available from their industry website which has a useful search function, & gives you a list of local installers in your area www.gassaferegister.co.uk. Most homeowners would be able to install and electric fireplace themselves, as there is no legal stipulation, or specialist tradesmen required for the installation and the electric fire simply plugs into a standard 13 amp socket. This means that electric Fireplaces extremely flexible as they can be installed in virtually any room in the home. The average price for installing a fireplace with an electric fire is £150.

Finding a good quality tradesmen

The majority of gas fitters are experienced in installing central heating systems and are frequently not experienced in installing Fireplaces. A fireplace is an aesthetic home improvement similar to installing a new kitchen. For this reason it is important to find tradesmen that is experienced and has the level of craftsmanship required to carefully install fire surround. There are several websites that specialise in recommending suitable installers with invaluable experience. Rated people.com is a useful website to use when trying to find a list of local installers in your area with experience in fireplaces www.ratedpeople.com. The website has a list of local installers and a subsequent review next to each installer which is left by people use their services. Essentially the website is very similar to eBay, however is aimed at finding a tradesmen in your area rather than selling goods. Local showrooms often offer an installation service and have many years experience. The showrooms thrive on their experience and their reputation is critical of finding more work, and for this reason they often offer excellent help and advice as well as installation. One of the main drawbacks from purchasing from showroom in high mark-ups they will charge. The average consumer can save over 70% by purchasing a fireplace online and sourcing in installer themselves.

Terms of payment for fireplace installers

Like any home improvement it is important to never pay the full amount prior to installation. We would recommend that you hold some retention money for the installation service, and pay the balance on completion. The majority of installers are happy to charge no deposit and have the full balance payable on completion as they are very confident with the workmanship. If you are purchasing a fireplace online then you are protected by your credit card (or payment processes such as PayPal), as well as the Long Distance Selling Regulations if anything is to go wrong.