Installing modern Fireplaces is the right way to combine natural warmth and home décor. Fireplaces that do not require a vent are more popular as they heat the room just as well, but do not need to be put in a certain position. You can choose where they go. Unlike conventional fireplaces, these modern types are not fixed to the ground. Some are even portable. Whatever form it takes, do not sit too close to your fireplace or place any furniture items very close to it. While electric Fires do not have flames, they do still generate a lot of heat and furniture could be damaged or even catch fire. When choosing a fireplace, make sure you buy one according to the theme of your room. It should go with the colour and décor of the room, enhancing its look. Both gas and Electric Fireplaces are priced reasonably, so you will be able to select the right one as per your budget limitations. Install a suitable fireplace and enjoy the warmth offered by it.