Many consumers online are looking for a good deal, and the internet is certainly a good place to research the most competitive Fireplaces. However, there is specialised information that traditional high street fireplace showrooms have that is often not available online. High street shops have a large collection of fireplace surrounds (including Marble Fireplaces) and allow you to see what you get for various budgets all under one roof. Showroom managers help guide you through the various products and will advise you on the best fire surround for your room. The below guide will highlight the various key features that make Marble Fireplaces different and hence point out the quality factors you should look out for when comparing marble Fireplaces online.

What you should know about marble fireplaces online:

1. Many marble fireplace imported from low cost countries (such as China) are supplied with a three piece back panel. Please see the diagram below. Three piece back panels are great for fireplace wholesalers as the entire marble fireplace can be packaged in one crate. A solid one piece back panel looks much better than a three piece back panel as there are no joints. A solid back panel is difficult to transport from low cost countries as the back panel is usually 37 inches x 37 inches and would not hence fit into a crate (crates are usually less than 20 inches in depth). At Creative Lifestyle, we manufacture all our marble fireplaces with a solid one piece back panel. 2. The cheapest marble fireplaces online have very simple designs like the example shown below. These fireplaces are much easier to manufacture, but often don’t look half as impressive as more carefully designed fireplaces. 3. It is important to read the description carefully, as firms often mix “stone effect” (timber painted) with marble and call the package a “marble surround”. It is often easy to be mislead by the carefully worded description. At Creative Lifestyle, our entire fireplace is made out of the same high quality batch of marble. Micro marble is virtually identical to natural marble. Most consumers (99% in our experience) cannot tell the difference, and many would prefer micro marble as it has more pleasing shades and colour consistency. Cheap marble fireplaces are often made out of “traditional agglomerate marble”, which is completely different and poor inferior quality.  Traditional agglomerate is made from large pieces of marble bonded with resin, and looks artificial. At Creative Lifestyle, we encourage customers to purchase marble samples before the purchase a fireplace, as we are very confident with the quality of our marble. Many cheap wholesalers only have a fireplace in one specific size and colour and are not able to offer a range of colours.