Marble Fireplaces are very easy to keep clean and maintain. The following is all that needs to be done to clean a marble fireplace surround on a regular basis. 1. Simply wipe the surface of the surround with a duster 2. Use warm water and a cloth to remove all dust marks that have settled 3. Remember to clean off any water residue and excess water. Marble is naturally porous, and you should hence dry off all the excess water using another cloth 4. Use regular polish to buff up the marble fireplace and restore the the polish surface if needed. This wall also help remove any marks that may be on the surface. We recommend Select furniture polish, which is suitable for marble (as stated on the back of the can). The polish is very effective and costs as little as £2 per large spray can. Remember to never use any bleech or harsh cleaning products on Marble Fireplaces, as this may perminantely stain the surface of the marble.

We are happy to help

At Creative Fireplaces, we have specialised in manufacturing Marble Fireplaces from our Nottinghamshire factory for over 20 years and have vast experience. It is not possible in most cases to re-polish marble surfaces on site as the necessary machinery cannot be carried to site. In most cases you need fitted machinery & a stone mason with a simple grinder buffing machines will not work. Please feel free to contact us if you need any help / advice. We are also able to make bespoke made to measure replacement fireplace hearths (base section of fireplace) or any other section of your fire surround at affordable prices (typically 70% less than high street alternatives as we own the factory and sell direct).