creative FireplacesMarble Fireplaces are naturally porous and any stains are always difficult to remove as the stains are absorbed into the material and can frequently only be removed by re polishing the surface.

1. Always try remove stains by using clean warm water and a sponge or cloth to begin with

2. If stains can not be removed, then try use soap and warm water. Remember to remove all residue from the surface. Always buff dry the surface with a soft cloth rather than air drying the surface.

3. If any stains remain, then try use regular multipurpose polish like Select furniture polish. This works extremely well on marble fireplace surrounds and can frequently remove tough stains.

What you should not use:

1. Never use any bleach products to try and remove stains as they will make it worse

2. Never use any harsh cleaners like cillit bang 3. Wax is frequently used by stone masons to hide stains, but if it is applied incorrectly it can highlight the stains and make it allot worse.