Fireplaces are one of the most widely sought after decorative items these days. They are especially selected for their visual appearance and functionality. They have the ability to enhance the overall look of the home décor. The vast number of available options has contributed to the popularity of these Fireplaces. Users now have the choice of selecting either electric or Gas Fireplaces, if they want them to be connected to a direct fuel supply. They can select a fireplace on the basis of their preferences and requirements. Besides the functionality value of providing warmth, fireplaces also enhance the room’s look manifold. However, it is essential that consumers use fireplaces with care to avoid any potentially dangerous hazards. This will prevent any sort of untoward incidents and injuries. You can curb the hazards by following the given tips: Call for experts It is advisable that you consult experts while installing fireplaces. This applies to both electric and Gas Fireplaces. Such experts will ensure that proper vents are provided while installing fireplaces. Similarly, these professionals will conduct checks to ensure that your chimney is not blocked due to any obstacles. These small steps will certainly benefit you in the long run. Install fireplace covers Fireplace glass doors or metal grills can certainly enhance the safety and security aspect manifold. These sturdy covers will ensure that the flammable embers do not drift out from the fireplace. Moreover, it will ensure that small children do not come in contact with the fire or embers. Consider the above mentioned points and improve the safety aspect of your fireplace and home.