An open fireplace is lovely, and there is definitely some ambiance created by using solid fuel such as coal or logs. However, in some circumstances there is allot of work involved in being able to keep up with solid fuel appliances and Fires. 1. You have to store logs/coal 2. Your room & paint gets stained with ash 3. If you have an efficient central heating system they you do not really need the fire as a source of heat, but are forced to burn solid fuel to create the warm fire glow. 4. Fires take a long time to start and have to be carefully turned off 5. Solid fuel fires in some cases can leave a room feeling dated and are not in keeping with the modern minimalist decor

How to decide between converting to Gas or Electric Fires

When deciding which option to select (Gas or Electric) consider how long the fire will be used for and if you need the fire as a source of heat. Gas fireplaces are on average 3kw output where as all electric fireplaces are 2kw output. All Electric Fires have the option of using the flame effect independent of the heat source. Hence, this allows you to have a warm ambient glow, without necessarily having to have the heater on.

Will the gas or electric fire fit?

1. Most gas or electric fires are designed to fit into a cut out which is 22.25" (565mm) high x 16.25" (413mm) wide. You will need to measure your builders opening and make sure you have those distances. 2. If you decide to go down the gas route, then you will need to have your chimney examined and swept. There is a large possibility that you will need to have your chimney relined as it has been used for solid fuel. This tends to be quite expensive 3. If you decided to go for an electric fire, then the condition of the chimney is irrelevant and it can even be capped off. All you will need to have is a power socket near by, the cable is usually 1.8m away.