An electric fireplace comprises of a fire surround and an electric fire. The combined package is often referred to as an electric fireplace. The first thing to check prior to installing an electric fireplace is the rebate on the fireplace and the recess depth on the electric fire, to ensure the electric fire can be fully recessed into the surround as required. The fire surround rebate is the distance between the back of the wall or chimney and the front of the back panel. Below is a simple example of how to calculate if your electric fire can be fully recessed into the fireplace surround: Assume the electric fire required a rebate of 55mm and the fire surround has a rebate of 75mm. The first thing to work out is the depth within the fire surround for the fire to be recessed into. This is calculated by 75mm less 20mm thickness of the back panel=55mm fire depth. As the electric fire requires 55mm, the fire can be fully recessed into the fire surround even against a flat wall. If the home has a chimney, then it is important to consider the depth within the chimney for the fire to sit into. As most chimneys offer ample recess depth the electric fire, and hence the surround rebate would not be that important if you have a chimney. Many electric fire Packages make allowances when being manufactured for installation against a flat wall with no depth whatsoever. Hence the electric fireplace can be installed in every possible situation. Once you are sure that the fire can be recessed fully into the fire surround you begin the installation process. Detailed instructions are available, but a brief summary is listed below.
  1. Start by bedding the hearth on the floor
  2. Position the back panel against the wall.
  3. Screw the fireplace legs (pillars) against the wall/chimney. All our Fireplaces come with factory fitted hidden fixing brackets, and this process is very easy.
  4. Now position the fireplace header and mantle
  5. Once the fire surround is fitted, you can simply push the electric fire into the cut out in the marble back panel and connect the electric fire socket to a to a nearby electrical plug. All our electric Fires can be turned on and off from switches on the fire and do not you to turn the main electrical plug off.
It is important to always register the electric fire warrantee by filling in the form provided.