Modern fire surrounds often have integrated downlights (as can be seen in the image below). Downlights create a unique focal point in a fire surround and are warm and elegant to look at. The majority of fireplace downlights are prewired and fabricated when the fire surround is manufactured, and cannot be integrated as an afterthought. Fireplace downlights are carved into a hidden ledge in the fireplace header (below the mantle), the ledge often has three cut-outs (two lights and a recessed switch). The downlights are usually supplied on a pre-wired halogen kit, with a transformer, plug socket and switch. Halogen lights are arguably more appropriate to use than LED lights as they can withstand higher direct heat (from a fire). However, LED lights use much less electricity and are hence often proffered when compared to Halogen lights.

Do fireplace downlights require any wiring?

Fireplace downlights are supplied on a completely pre-wired kit, and for that reason simply connect to a standard 13amp socket, and do not require any electrical wiring whatsoever. You will need to have a plug socket within two meters of the fire surround in order to plug in the downlights.