Most people tend to ignore the importance of regular fireplace maintenance. Maintaining the fireplace is essential considering the potential safety risk in the absence of fireplace care. This is the reason why keeping the fireplace in excellent condition should be a priority. You should firstly check the fireplace chimney in detail, as many animals will try to use fireplace chimney shafts as an abode. This might clog the chimney and will then cause smoke to build-up. It is obvious that this smoke will eventually come back into your house if it has nowhere to vent to. Thus, a thorough inspection will help you to get rid of any such issues. Secondly, you should eradicate other obstacles such as leaves or twigs that might be causing a blockage in your chimney. Birds are often known to drop twigs into the chimney. This can also block the chimney. There are certain types of electric Fireplaces which come with a glass screen in place of an open flame. Remember to clean this glass at least once a week. A clean glass provides you with a clear view of the components situated inside the fireplace, so you can ensure that everything is functioning properly. Residue or chemicals of any kind can also be clearly seen once the glass is cleaned. Remove any labels or stickers in the case that your fireplace is brand new. New Fireplaces in particular should be cleaned more regularly to begin with. You can also ask a professional to conduct regular servicing visits. Browse through the user manual to understand the specifics about the maintenance aspect for your own fireplace. Consider these simple yet useful points and improve the functioning of your fireplace with regular maintenance.