If you are looking to purchase a cheap hearth either made in marble or Black Granite, then the following information will be very useful:

1. Standard sizes available are listed below:

48 inches wide x 15 inches deep 48 inches wide x 18 inches deep 54 inches wide x 15 inches deep 54 inches wide x 18 inches deep Any other size you require is certainly possible, but will be made to order

2. The overall height of the hearth

Fireplace hearths are almost always 50mm high from the floor till the top. A hearth is made up of a 20mm horizontal section, with a 30mm (usually) vertical section called a Riser. The overall height can be increased by increasing the size of the riser.

3. Hearths are usually designed to be used with Gas Fireplaces or Electric Fireplaces

The majority of stock hearths are designed to be used with gas or Electric Fires. If you would like to use the hearth for Solid fuel (E.G Burning coal or wood) then the hearth would need to be cut into sections and re-joined.

4. Delivery

The major cost involved with supplying hearth is actually the delivery process. You could easily save £50 by collecting the hearth (on avearage)