Fireplace hearths can be made to measure to cover your existing cut out in your carpet or laminate flooring. This saves a great deal of time and effort as you do not need to replace your existing flooring to accommodate your new fireplace.

What you should know when ordering a bespoke hearth

1. It is always advisable to purchase a made to measure hearth from a company that manufactures their fire surrounds to order in the UK. If the fire surround and fireplace hearth is made from different batches of marble then there will inevitably be a colour difference. Even batches of micro marble (artificial man made stone) will have colour variations between batches. 2. It is important to always measure the cut out in the carpet or laminate flooring that you want to cover, as the top size of the fireplace hearth is often larger than the bottom size, and hence a bespoke hearth may not cover the cut out unless you specifically specify the cut out in the carpet. 3. All marble fireplace hearths are suitable for use with gas Fireplaces and electric fireplace as standard; however the fireplace hearth will need to be “Slabbed” if you will be using a solid fuel fire (burning coal or wood). Slabbing is a process whereby the hearth is cut into sections and rejoined to create purpose built expansion and contraction joints, which allow the heat to escape and prevent the hearth from cracking. The hearth is also filled with cement at the back to make it more resistant to heat.