Bespoke Marble fireplace hearths are fireplace hearths (base part of fireplace) made to a custom size, usually to cover an existing cut out in a carpet or laminate flooring. This saves money, as you do not need to replace your carpet or flooring by having the new hearth made to the exact dimensions of the cut out. Has the Internet changed things? Bespoke Marble fireplace hearths are traditionally very expensive from fireplace retail outlets. The Internet has connected consumers & the factories that make the hearths (such as ourselves) and made it much cheaper to source made to measure products.

"Showrooms charge a high premium for being able to source a bespoke made to measure hearth"

What do I need to measure?

1. Simply measure the length and width of the cut out you wish to cover. Always give the factory the cut out dimension, so that they can ensure the new hearth covers the cut out. It is important to measure the actual cut out and not the top size of the hearth 2. Measure the overall height from the floor that you need the hearth to be made to. Fireplace hearths are usually 50mm overall height. This is made up off a 20mm thick horizontal piece of marble with a recessed 30mm riser (horizontal section)

Is there anything else I should mention?

1. Generally hearths are only suitable for gas or electric Fires. If you would like to use the hearth for solid fuel (burning logs or coal), then always mention this as the hearth needs to be slabbed. 2. If you need the hearth to cover an existing cut out, then always mention it, as all factories will work to greater precision.