Marble fire surrounds are available in a variety of shades, colours and designs. Picking the right option for your home is often very difficult as almost everything looks great online or in showrooms.

Guide to picking a stock marble fire surround

Check the dimensions to make sure the width and height are suitable for your home. Make sure there is suitable overhang on your chimney breast (minimum of two inches on either side), otherwise the entire fire surround will look too cramped. Make sure the colour is suitable. Not all marble colours are appropriate for all homes. Stock Fireplaces are often only available in one colour and one dimension, as they are imported in sets from low cost countries like China.

Note: By manufacturing in the UK, Creative Lifestyle is able to manufacture any marble fire surround in any colour.

If you are planning to install a gas fireplace, it will be easier to order a fire surround with a 25mm rebate. If you will be installing a fire surround and installing an electric inset fire then you will need a 75mm rebate or larger (especially if you will be installing against a flat wall).

Our business model explained

As a direct manufacturer of marble Fireplaces, we are able to make any fire surround in any colour, size or permutation that you require. Ensuring that you have the perfect fireplace (with no compromises) for your home.