Marble is the most common material used to manufacture fireplace hearths. Marble is easy to work and heat resistant which makes it ideal for use on conventional gas and electric Fires. Marble Hearths are elegant and create and ambiance and prestige that can not be replicated with cheaper imitation MDF copies. In modern times with mass manufacturing and importation the price of Marble Hearths has considerably fallen. Hearths are even stocked as standard at large DIY merchants such as B&Q. However large multiples such as B&Q only stock few options in a very limited range, and are unable to supply made to order hearths.

Made to measure Marble Fireplace Hearths

  1. To order a made to measure fireplace hearth, we suggest you start by ordering some samples to make sure you are happy with the marble colour you will be ordering
  2. Pick the Marble colour that will best suit your home decor
  3. Measure the bottom depth and width of the hearth you require
    1. If you are replacing a hearth to cover an existing carpet or laminate floor cut out, then it is important to give us the measurements of what you are trying to cover
  4. Make a note of the sizes you require and check prices online or simply call