Marble Fireplaces are an ideal finish for both modern and traditional homes. Marble Fireplaces are essentially pours and can be stained, just like oak Fireplaces, stone Fireplaces and limestone fire surrounds. It is advisable to be very cautious and avoid the risks of stains, as once marble is stained it is very difficult to remove.

How to polish a marble fireplace

We recommend using standard home polish. We find Select polish (see image) is particularly useful as removing dirt that has settled on marble. It is advisable to use a clean cloth and to be gentle (don’t scrub hard). Bleach based products (such as cillit bang) is not suitable on marble, as the bleach will penetrate the marble polish and stain the marble further. Black granite can also be cleaned with regular non bleach based cleaners. Linseed oil is particularly useful in cleaning Slate. << We reccomend trying Select furniture polish >>

How to remove stains and scratches from a Marble Fireplace

1. It is best to clean Marble first with a damp cloth, and wipe off all the remaining water. Remember to always use a clean cloth and clean warm water. Stains on marble can be removed with regular non coloured soap (such as hand soap), simply rub the surface in a circular motion with warm water, and wipe off any remain residue. Leave the marble fireplace to dry naturally. 2. Try polish the surface, with regular furniture polish, and this should remove further stains. 3. If any stains remain, then they have penetrated the surface of the marble, and the only way to remove the stains is to uninstall the entire fireplace and have it re-polished in a factory. Many firms and handy men would suggest trying to polish the fireplace on site with a buffer, however we would strongly advise against this as this will make the fireplace polished in different sections and in most cases will emphasise the scratch or stain.