Marble fireplace hearths are not as expensive as we generally think they are. In fact with recent mass manufacturing and standardisation of sizes as well as importation, marble fireplace hearths are probably cheaper today than they were twenty years ago.

Marble Hearths stocked at large warehouses such as B&Q

Large stores such as B&Q have started stocking marble hearths and back panels in one cream  marble colour and in one size (48" wide).  These Hearths and Back panels are well priced, however are not off the best quality at times. The Back panels are supplied with joints and the hearths are often not polished to the highest standards (in our opinion).  Another important point to note about the purchasing a hearth and back panel from a large warehouse is that they often supply "light weight marble". Light weight marble is basically thin sheets (5mm) of marble that has been glued together  against a metal and MDF base. Many warehouses will supply light weigh marble due to health and safety reasons as well as a cost cutting measure. Industry specialists (such as Creative Fireplaces) would simply supply conventional Marble Hearths made from 20mm thick solid sheets of marble.Large multiples are also not able to supply goods in  a varied size and in different marble colours, and your choice is greatly reduced as a result.

Purchasing a marble hearth online

If you are thinking of purchasing a marble hearth online, then it would be advisable to read the "about us" section of the sites you are considering purchasing from, and making sure they manufacture the goods they supply. Many online firms, simply buy and sell goods they have sourced from the lowest priced importer, and this may compromise quality. If the firm manufactures the products they supply, then they are in control of the quality control procedures, are you are more likely to receive higher quality goods.