Traditionally, many boiler systems were located at the rear (inside the chimney) of the fireplace surround. Back boilers comprised of a heating system and a decorative fire front. The front of any back boiler system has an aesthetically pleasing inset electric or gas fire. The main disadvantages of back boiler heating systems are that the entire decorative fire front needs to be removed to service the boiler annually. As back boiler systems have become outdated, the majority of fire manufacturers no longer make modern decorative fire fronts which means that the entire fire surround and fireplace looks aged and dated.

How to source a fireplace suitable for a back boiler

1. In order to replace your current fire surround you will need to know what rebate is required for your inset decorative fire. The rebate is the distance from the back of the wall to the front of the marble back panel. Essentially a fireplace rebate is an internal void within which a fire can be recess. The majority of back boiler fire surrounds are manufactured with a standard 25 mm rebate (which is available from all fireplace retailers). 2. We would always advise that you contact a Gas Safe Installer prior to purchasing a fire surround and ask what rebate a require in order to replace your fire surround and retain your existing back boiler system and decorative fire.

Advantages of updating your boiler

Modern boilers are often located in more convenient areas of the home such as the kitchen or an airing cupboard. Modern boilers enable you to fit any fire surround and inset fire that you like as there are no restrictions whatsoever. It can also be argued that the majority of modern boiler systems are far more efficient and of the long-running will save enough money to pay for themselves.