Nowadays, gas Fireplaces remain popular amongst the homeowners as they offer more benefits over other Fireplaces. The main aim of Gas Fireplaces is to provide heat and warmth at the time of wintery or cold weather conditions. One of the best things concerning Gas Fireplaces is that they are available at affordable prices and are easy to use. These fireplaces offer you simple controls which will allow you to adjust the room temperature as per your comfort level. Gas fireplaces are durable in nature which means that they will remain in your home for many years. Gas fireplaces offer versatility which is witnessed by the many different designs and styles available. Some of the popular types are stainless steel fireplaces, wall mounted fireplaces and gel fueled fireplaces. Moreover, these gas fireplaces are also available with different surround styles such as oak, white and mahogany. Once you have installed a gas fireplace in your home then you need to ensure that you maintain it regularly. How to maintain gas fireplaces Check whether there are any obstructions such as leaves and bird nests in the chimney for better functioning of the fireplace. It is recommended to clean the fireplace at least once in a year. You can make the use of brushes for cleaning the fireplace. You also need to make sure that the holes of the burner are clear. If you find any rusty parts within the fireplace then replace it immediately. You need to regularly check the doors, gaskets and latches. Lastly, you can also contact a professional who will help you in cleaning your gas fireplace on a regular basis.