There are many companies importing mass manufactured Fireplaces from cheap foreign countries and marketing them either via high street shops or online. There are several major disadvantages of purchasing a mass manufactured fire surround such as this: 1. There is no possible after sales care. The idea of cheap imports is to purchase entire Fireplaces already manufactured and packaged overseas. These fireplaces are almost always imported without spare parts (such as headers and back panels)... in the event of any piece being damaged during installation, or with the duration of time it is not possible to repair or replace affected fireplace pieces. 2. No customisation can be done whatsoever: (a)    No size alterations (b)   No rebate (void within the fireplace) alterations (c)    No bespoke hearths can be manufactured to cover an existing cut out in a carpet of floor if applicable 3. Imported fireplaces are often of inferior quality to locally manufactured fire surrounds, as local firms rely on reputation for further business.