Inglenook Fireplaces are surrounds that are designed to have a fire inserted into the fire chamber of the chimney breast. It is frequently needed to decorate the inside of the fire chamber as it an exposed area. The inside of the fire chamber can be decorated using the same colour of marble as you back panel hearth, hence having a matching fireplace and inner fire chamber in the same material. As marble is not suitable for use with solid fuel (burning wood or coal), it is advisable to use an alternative material if you will be using solid fuel. Marble is however suitable if it will be using an electric fire or gas fire insert.

Alternative options to decorating a fire chamber

1. It is possible to decorate the fire chamber with bricks, or suitable heatproof material. Fire bricks can be used on the inside fire chamber and are suitable for use with solid fuel. 2. It is also possible to purchase separate specially manufactured and engineered fireplace backing sheets which are suitable for high heat sources. Fireplace backing sheets and fire bricks are the most cost effective solution to decorating the inner fire chamber. 3. Other alternatives which may include "slabbing" Marble or Granite to make a matching (same colour as surround) fire insert are often very expensive and not guaranteed (they may crack with the intense heat created by solid fuel).

Where to purchase fireplace insert sheets from

Specialist fireplace heat resistant sheets to line the backing for an Inglenook fire can be purchased from most fireplace showroom or online specialist. The sheets range and price from £70 a sheet £100 a sheet depending on the finish required. The heat resistant sheets can be purchased in either a flat texture or a rippled effect.

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Option 1: Shows Brick option Option 2: Shows specialist fireplace heat resistant sheets