As a fireplace manufacturer we have a vested interest in the matter and are biased for obvious reasons, however the below article will give an accurate overview of the advantages and disadvantages of getting rid of a fireplace V.S keeping a fireplace.

Reasons for keeping your existing fireplace

1) Fireplaces form a central focal point in any home, and are often a key selling point. The removals of a fire surround can in many ways discourage some potential buyers and lower your property price. 2) To properly get rid of a fireplace you have to remove the entire chimney, which is a complex and expensive process. It needs careful consideration, and may even need structural advice from a qualified engineer. If you simply brick up the existing chimney breast then it often leaves the living room looking strange and unfinished. 3) Fireplaces for an alternative source of heat that is useful if you are unable to use your central heating system. Gas Fireplaces often have a heat output of 3 kw where as Electric Fireplaces have a heat output of 2 kw.

Reasons for getting rid of your existing fireplace

1) It is often fashionable to install a flat screen T.V in the centre of a living room which is frequently where the fireplace is located. Despite this disadvantage it is often possible to install a flat screen T.V above an electric fireplace. 2) Gas Fireplaces require an annual service contract to maintain and are often not frequently used 3) Fireplaces may be viewed as a dated feature that is not found in modern homes. However, there are several modern fireplace designs that are suitable.


It is difficult to decide on the removal of a fireplace, and the decision often comes down to personal tastes.