Fireplaces have traditionally been used for heating homes for many centuries. In the victorian times, Fireplaces were the principal source of heat in all homes. Larger properties would have several fireplaces as no central heating systems were available at the time. In modern times things have changed due to the advancement of technology and the introduction of efficient central heating systems.

Is it s good idea to use a fireplace as a main heat source?

Essentially, we would recommend using an efficient central heating system rather than a fireplace as it a much more cost effective way of heating a home. Both Gas Fireplaces and Electric Fireplaces have inefficiencies and are not as cost effective at heating a home when compared to central heating systems.

What should fireplaces be used for if they are not a principle source of heat?

Essentially fireplaces are used primarily as a focal point rather than a major heat source. Some homes also use fire surrounds as a supplementary heat source to heat a specific room.

How much do Gas Fireplaces cost to run?

The actual cost of using a gas fireplace will depend on the area that you live in and the efficiency of the insert gas fire. The majority of insert gas fires are 60% efficient, however some models can be up to 98% efficient.