A fireplace hearth is the bass section of the fireplace. It is conventional to cut your carpet around your fireplace hearth and for this reason when you change your fire surround you frequently need to have a fireplace hearth manufactured to fit around the existing cut out in your carpet in order to avoid having to replace your entire carpet (or wooden floor). It is possible to have a fireplace hearth manufactured to your specific dimensions and requirements. All fireplace hearths essentially comprise a horizontal section with a vertical strip (called the riser) stuck to the front edge of the hearth. The conventional height of the fireplace hearth is 50 mm, which is made up of a 20 mm horizontal section with a 30 mm riser.

How to specify the size you require for a custom-built made-to-measure fireplace hearth

It is important always measure the surface area that you require to cover & give this measurement to your supplier. This is the only way that you can ensure that the base section of the fireplace hearth covers the area that you require. Many fireplace hearths have a boxed and lipped effect, which essentially means that the bottom area of the fireplace hearth is smaller than the top surface area (again another good reason to measure the cut out in your carpet or a laminate floor).

How much should custom-made marble fireplace hearths cost?

At Creative Lifestyle all our fireplace hearths are made to order in the UK. As a direct manufacturer, we charge a nominal amount (often as little as £30) to customise a fireplace hearth and make it to your exact measurements. Many showrooms will charge a substantial premium to make made-to-measure fireplace hearths, as they are aware that consumers require specific dimensions, and are often unable to source a made-to-measure fireplace hearth themselves. Purchasing online is a great way to save money on your made to measure fireplace hearth.